Holy Cow!

YL at BA. That night our team went to the BA campus opened up the book that has pics of every student and their name and we prayed for every name in that book. I don’t say that to pat us on the back, I say it because that night we said, “Won’t it be cool to actually know the people that own these names?” At the time we only knew Meg Jamison. Now 18 months later we’re in a foreign country with these people that we have come to love. It’s amazing how God moves. This journey has brought it share of laughs and excitement. There’s already been a scavenger hunt (to pass away the hours at the Frankfurt airport), including stewardesses in 20 questions (and getting animated life giving responses), and countless inside jokes. Can’t wait to share them all. Your prayers for respect, patience and flexibility are coveted! Jerad Burkhart]]>