Day 1 in Moldova :)

Today we had our first experience at the orphanage! We all woke up around seven and then around eight we loaded up on two buses and were on our way. The ride to the orphanage was not exactly a smooth ride considering one of the buses, my bus to be exact, broke down and we had to wait a while for another bus to pick us up. But, Lauren told us at the beginning at the trip that we needed to have things things during the trip, flexibility, patience, and respect. So, we got to exercise those a lot earlier then we thought we would have to haha. However, we did actually make it to the orphanage and not long after we realized all the bed supplies were not there yet so we ended up not actually making beds today, but instead we got to play with the kids all day. These kids are all adorable and I already love every single one. A few of us decided we would play soccer with some boys and I’m pretty sure we all successfully made a fool of ourselves at one point or another but all in all it was a really great time. We had arts and craft time after lunch and as Jerad innocently taught one kid to throw a paper plane, it only took a few more minutes for every other kid to catch on as Jerad’s plan backfired and he became the new target. Club tonight was also really fun because the skit Cody, William, and Annie did was hilarious and then Rachel did a great devotion that introduced all the kids to Jesus. I’m sure a lot more happened today, but those were a few of the things that stood out to me and it was definitely a great start to this trip!