YoungLife Team – Day 5

How do I even put into words all the different emotions and feelings from this week? Right now, I am feeling overwhelmed. Today was a unique day where we did not have our usual schedule of building beds and arts and crafts. Today we threw a birthday party for the children at the orphanage. Even though we do not speak the same language, the look of joy on their faces will always translate. I was overwhelmed with emotions today. The love that my team has for these precious children mixed with the sadness of saying goodbye was truly exhausting. Even as I type, I am trying to process this week. For me, this week has been unexpected. I was surprised how quickly I fell in love with the children at the orphanage. I did not think that in one week, I could be so attached. I was amazed at how building beds could bring so much hope to the children. It was such a great picture to paint for the kids about how building beds and Jesus’ love go hand in hand. My favorite saying to tell the kids when we were in their rooms and praying was to tell them when they got in bed and had the covers wrapped around them, it was like a big hug from Jesus. Saying goodbye to the kids today was difficult, but I have hope for them now that we are gone. This morning Cody said something to the whole camp that was so precious I have to share it with y’all. He said that he was excited when he got to Heaven that he would not have to have a translator to talk to them. I loved leaving that with them and it made it a little easier to say goodbye. It is getting really late here in Moldova, so I need to wrap this blog up, but I look forward to many conversations and many pictures from this trip. I know when I leave Moldova, I will be leaving my heart here as well. I am forever thankful for this experience. Love, Rachel Frey]]>