YongLife Team – Day 6

Today was a very fun and exciting day. In order to avoid anymore tears and reopening of painful cuts our group embarked on a tour of Moldova. This proved to be very educational as we went to an old Moldovan monastery that was carved into a sheer cliff. The beautiful view was breathtaking and it could easily be understood why the monks had chosen this place. At one point in our in exploration of the mountainous holy place we split apart from the group and had quiet time just to talk to God and pray for the children that each of us had touched. This small, insignificant prayer was a great finish to a very impacting week. Our next stop was the marketplace. It was fun to see all the girls going from vendor to vendor in order to find the best deals possible, and being able to witness the true culture of the Moldovan people. Looking back on all the things that I have experienced this trip has really been amazing. I have learned how to act like a kid again. It feels like with these kids there is no need for stress or anxiety but just joy and laughter. Whether it is playing games, doing skits, or just joking around with these orphans, it has really shown me that life is too short to be serious all the time. Also, I have realized what compassion and love really are. I had the opportunity to become very close to one of the kids at the camp, Victor. He would always be at my side throughout the entire trip and it almost felt like there was no language barrier between us. This was much unexpected because I didn’t think I could become close to someone in such a short period of time. I really didn’t understand the depth of this relationship until our final goodbye. Seeing a very tough and strong 14 year old boy basically fall apart in to my arms for one final embrace was gut wrenching and heartbreaking. Then I watched as he began to cover his eyes and hide the tears from his other classmates (because to show any sign of emotion or any vulnerability in Moldova is considered weakness) as we pulled away in the bus. The time spent here in this country has truly been special and I am eternally grateful for all the prayers and gifts that got me here, and can’t wait to see you soon. Sincerely, William Ball]]>