A Great Day at Africa Greater Life

This verse has a whole new meaning to me than ever before after my journey through this week. I would like to explain by sharing a couple of stories that happened just today. We spent the day today building 108 beds at the Greater Life Orphanage. I was assigned to play with the kids while some of the team built the beds, which was great! As I was attempting to teach the kids how to play kickball, I had a little boy walk up to me and press a piece of play dough very firmly to my arm. He pulled the piece of play dough from my arm and shook his head in disgust. He then placed the play dough on his arm very firmly and looked at me and shrugged his shoulder. I then realized that when he put the play dough on his skin and took it off it had pieces of black on it (it was dirt, because he was so dirty) and he thought if he pressed hard enough on my arm, he would get white on it. As I walked around the campus today at the orphanage I had another little boy come up to me at least ten different times. He would smell my skin and then would rub his lips along my arm and kiss me. He did this various times through out the day. I had another fellow, who was about two years old, that found me as soon as I stepped off the bus. He held my hand all day. He went every where I did, but would not smile. I tried everything! We left to have lunch and when we came back I walked into the worship area and caught his eye, I clapped my hands at him and motioned for him to come to me. He smiled so big!!! As I started this entry with the verse, I will end by saying….
I thought I was coming to make a difference in a child’s life this week…
but what has happened is… these kids have changed my life! I am the one who will go home with a whole different perspective of life and my own family I am so blessed with! Stacey Spain]]>