Uganda – Day 5: Africa Greater Life Orphanage

Orphanage, and it was so touching to be greeted with “Good morning, Mike,” by some of the dear friends that I had previously met. They were so appreciative and took much pride in their wonderful new beds. What an incredible opportunity to share with the sweet little children as they crawled into their new beds for the very first time. I have made some special connections with the kids at this orphanage, and it made this journey so incredibly meaningful and fulfilling to sit and talk with boys like Joseph and Israel to tell them the very reason we came to bring them their beds, “Because we want them to know that they are loved by God and not forgotten.” It is hard to describe in words the floors and mattresses these kids were previously sleeping on, but the difference these Sweet Sleep beds make is unbelievable. We have been so utterly blessed by the gratitude of the children, the teachers, and the entire community we have been working in. My heart continues to be broken by the things that break the heart of God, and he is growing an immense sense of purpose in all of us on this trip. I am continually asking God where this journey is leading and it is hard to process everything that has impacted us. We are all so truly blessed at the chance we have been given to love these children, and be loved by them in return. Mike Warneke]]>