A birthday for the kids

possession. I was filled with awe and joy as I watched the children disperse with their new treasure, flip through the pages, and smell the fresh ink. And using a pen they received in their gift bag, each child wrote his or her name in the front cover of the Book. Also in their gift bags were hand mirrors. I saw excitement and wonder as these children gazed at themselves. There are no mirrors for these children or photographs of them. They don’t get to stare into their own eyes and memorize their sweet smiles. After the celebration we had the opportunity to sit with the children with their new goodies. I spent some time with a few young boys talking about their new Bibles and reading scripture to them. I was able to take my worship notes and show them where in the Bible I found the message and I gave that note to them to use as a bookmark. One boy I spent some time with was nine year old Ezera. I was amused that first he wanted me to write my phone number in the front of his Bible. I drew him a smiley face and wrote a note instead. And he really wanted my sunglasses but rather, I gave him my peanut butter crackers and an empty Ziploc bag. Finally he told me that he wants me to sponsor him. I asked him what that means and he told me he wants to come to my home and he asked me about my boy. It struck me how tangibly these children understand that there is a different norm than that which they know. At least this boy understands that sometimes someone could come and take them home. All I could do was explain how happy I was that I got to spend this week with him and how glad I am that he can know Jesus’ love every time he sleeps in his new bed and reads his new Bible. I will pray for Ezera that someone who can give him a home will find him one day.]]>