My Favorite Day

pretty sweet moments before we left though, one being throwing beach balls around in a class room with a bunch of the kids. I’m pretty sure that was their first beach ball experience and they loved it!! I met little Grace during this because she was so small she couldn’t touch the ball as it was being passed over her head, but she knew how to solve that…. I felt a little hand pulling at my shirt and the little cutie wanting to be picked up. After that Pastor Paul wanted to pray over us so all of the children went outside. Another girl who I have spent a lot of time with (who is an older child there) found me and stood beside me to pray. This may have been one of the best moments I have had here, Grace in my arms and Marion beside me, both with hands lifted high as they prayed. Marion began praying in her own language and then started in English. The words this child was saying to God took my breath away. She praised God with words I have never heard an adult use,much less a child, and she prayed for us in ways that brought tears to my eyes. It was beautiful.
So after the change of plans we headed to African Greater Life to celebrate their birthdays with them. Some of the friends I had met named Sophia and Patience greeted me and led me into their worship center to sit with them. I noticed Sophia had on one of the necklaces made of paper and so I asked her if she made it and she ran out of the room and quickly returned with paper and begin tearing it into strips and teaching me how to make the necklaces. She then placed the necklace she was wearing around my neck and told me she wanted me to have it.
We then passed out the Bibles we had brought to them. The children were so excited. Smelling, touching, and holding the Bibles close. Faith, a beautiful child, told me that it was her first Bible and she loved it. It was so amazing to see the reactions the children had as they held their new Bible. Next the birthday party began. The children each went through our tunnel of arms we made for them and received their gifts, which they loved. The rest of the day we had time to sit down and just hang out with the kids, which was my favorite thing so far. Just being able to talk to them one on one and hear some of their stories. We colored, we read, and just got to enjoy our time with them.
So today, even though it turned out differently then planned was a beautiful day. We all left with so much joy and all so excited about the time we had experienced. God is so good. Whitney]]>