you can help this weekend…

jen you are invited to the home of John & Maggie Colbert
sunday, november 15, 2009 2-5 pm
springfield, illinois For the last six years we have been supporters of an organization called
Sweet Sleep, which provides beds to orphaned children around the world.
This Christmas we have decided to help provide beds and mosquito nets to 450
orphans in northern Uganda, thanks to an opportunity called “Give the Gift”.
When you give the gift of Sweet Sleep to in honor of someone you know,
you not only honor them—you change the life of a child in need by
giving them a healthy and comfortable place to sleep. Please join us as we open our home to our friends and colleagues to share how
you can help “Give the Gift” to your friends, family, fellow colleagues.
Additionally, you will have the chance to purchase hand-crafted Ugandan
jewelry. Our friend, Jen Gash, is the President and Founder of Sweet Sleep and
will be here to share more with you and help you get your holiday giving off to
a meaningful start. regrets: 217.698.9708]]>