Sugar Bugs….

Earlier this year I was in the Kibera slum meeting with an orphanage director and visiting a tin house for street children. Even now I can remember looking at the bed that was in that tin structure and feeling my heart so heavy. He gave me their newsletter and said there was one story in particular that I would want to read. I share it with you now. Sugar in a Mattress “Recently I was in Kibera on my normal visits to projects…Something that I had not seen in Kibera even after my many visits caught my attention. It would have been easy to walk by him as SYN team was assessing the needs in this place to find out how we could help a few people in this community. But the sight of Simon…sprinkling his dirty, overused mattress with sugar made me stop in my tracks. “Why are you sprinkling sugar on your mattress?” I asked him. “Because sugar causes all the bugs to come to the surface, then I can kill them and get a quiet night’s sleep.” It’s okay…you can sit quietly for a minute. I am… The man opened our Sweet Sleep folder and pointed to a picture we have on a flyer. The photograph was taken as I stood inside an orphanage we provided beds to this summer. “That.” He said. “His mattress looked like that.” That day, this man made a difference in the life of that child. He shared God’s love with him and provided him with a new mattress. One man. One child. One life. What will you do for one? In 9 days I’ll leave for Gulu, Uganda to give beds to children orphaned by a brutal rebel war. They desperately need a bed. Give them a life-saving mosquito net. A complete bed with net is $88. Just the net is $8. Give online at and note “Gulu” in the comment box. See you in the next blog,