Snapshots from Jen: Sweet Sleep Comes to Gulu!

Just wanted to send you a few snapshots from Jen’s day – the day beds arrived in Gulu. 🙂
She may be able to post another blog tonight with far more insights, as I know she is already being confronted with great joy, sadness, hope and heartache as she hears the stories of these children.
So more to come, but here are some snipits. 🙂
This picture above is the line of children excited to get their bedding!

A little girl – so happy to to lay her head on something other than the ground.
This speaks for itself. A grin from ear to ear! 🙂
They couldn’t wait to read their new Bibles! They stopped right there and began to read the Word.
A boy brings his new mattress into his hut. 🙂
Settling in for his first night of sweet sleep. 🙂
What a sweet sight to see these children finally off of the ground and snuggling into their healthy, comfortable new Sweet Sleep beds! Thank you for the part you have played in making this happen.
More from Gulu soon. 🙂