Beginning the new year with thanks

How are you. We are thanking you for all the bedding you have provided to us. Thank you for helping us. May the God in heaven bless you. We love you so much. Our hearts are filled with your love.” Mildred “My name is Charlotter. Dear my friend. I love you. I thank you for the bedding that I was missing. I have got it. Thank you.” “Thank you for gave me beds.” Irene “Hello. How are you. For me I am okey. For me I am called Benson. I love you so much. Thank you for giving us net, mattresses, blanket. Thank you so much. I am called in primary six in studies and I love praying to continue to give to children. I pray God bless you so much. From love of Benson.”
I’ll share more of these with you as we go along. They’re such great ways to help you see how much the children love and need what you are helping to provide them. See you in the next blog,
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