Great news on your donations!!

Hello awesome Sweet Sleep supporters! I’ve great news for you! This afternoon I heard from our shipping company: our 1st aid container, with thousands of pieces of bedding for the orphans in Haiti, arrived today in the DR. Pray now for it to get through customs quickly and then into Haiti. I’ll keep you posted. And, tonight was the last night of our 2nd aid drive with Brentwood Baptist Church. I walked into the Connection Center at BBC this afternoon and my immediate, out loud reaction was, “WOW!” There were various mountains of boxes, all full of sheets, blankets, mats, medical supplies, food, diapers, clothes and shoes! Tomorrow morning the 54-foot semi truck will pull into BBC and we’ll load it and pray it off! Several of our partners and orphanages will be receiving the items there and THOUSANDS of our Haitian brother and sisters will be able to be comforted by your love. Thank you. Sweet Sleep has the best supporters. See you in the next blog,