Fabulous Numbers, Fabulous YOU!

Well, what a great blog update I have for you today! Yesterday we loaded up our 54 foot semi truck with relief for Haiti from our partners, Brentwood Baptist Church and so many others who compiled their own mini drive to help the children. Bedding
Sheets: 1,469
Pillowcases: 269
Blankets: 1,171
Pillows: 46
Mats: 23
Sleeping Bags: 1
Mattresses: 2

Pounds of Beans: 1,333
Bags of Beans: 25
Peanut Butter 591 jars
Baby Formula: 286
Pounds of Rice: 2,720
Bags of Rice: 25 bags Clothing
Crocs: 227
Articles of Children’s Clothing: 5,347 Medical
Peroxide: 404 bottles plus 1 box
Alcohol Pads: 5,508
IV Medical Manifold: 50
IV Medical Pump: 24
Band-Aids: 524
Antifungal: 13
Pain Reliever: 243
Children’s Pain Reliever: 52
Saline: 1 box
Cold Meds: 48
Antibiotics: 1 box
Latex Gloves 70
Medical Supplies: 1 box, 100
Anti-diarrhea: 1 box, 49
Syringes: 6 bags
IV needles: 1 box
Sutures: 9
Surgery Kits: 7
Trash Bags: 926
Towels: 100
Baby Wipes: 12, 236
Baby Bottles: 52
Tent: 1
Diapers: 16,268
Soap: 15
Oral Hygiene: 175
Bibles: 2,020
2,000 Bibles donated by LifeWay
Diaper Mountain
Diapers were everywhere!
This is what boxes of 1100 blankets look like!
The boxes just seemed to multiply
Wow, this is really empty…and big!
Here goes the first box!
Kim and dolly: a dynamic duo!
A loaded truck is a happy sight
All loaded up: our truck driving off…. If you’re one of those mini drives, please be sure to post here so we can thank you! All of this would not be possible without you. We are so incredible thankful and grateful for your support and your love and your prayers. The truck left yesterday and this morning was unloaded and is waiting to be shipped out next week! We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, continue to consider your support of our ongoing work in Haiti. You can make your gift online, and be sure to note “Haiti” in the special comments box. Thanks again, friends. You are fabulous! See you in the next blog,