Report from the Dominican Republic

 Lake Henry: though it sounds more exciting in Dominican tongue.

Just a little travel insight for you all as we wrap up our 1st travel day here. You know, a little something to ease you and I both in to what is about to happen. Most of our team met up in Miami, where the airport is colder than Antarctica. There are 11 of us total and with all the gifts God has brought together in the team, it’s important for y’all to be praying because monumental things are going to happen. I’ve never been to the Dominican before, but it was interesting to see the landscape as our plane descended this afternoon. I was just taking everything in and then suddenly saw 8 baseball diamonds in semi close proximity.  It made me wonder what that was about and I made a mental note to ask you baseball knowers about this. The other thing that was interesting to see if the countryside. Lots of green and fields divided into handmade, hand worked plots bordered with brown potholed roads. As we got closer to the city the countryside drastically changed and suddenly there were metal corrugated house with tin roofs everywhere and tropical palm trees and such. It was a drastic and interesting change. Made me want to be out among the people and children watching life and taking pictures. Our team enjoyed Valentine’s dinner together and we’re now hunkering down for some much needed rest. This task force came together quickly, so sleep was on the back burner for us all. It’s good to have a place to be together and to rest before we jump into the trenches tomorrow. Thanks for praying. Sign up for blog updates and you’ll know each time I post about our work. Just scroll around and look for the orange icon that says something about RSS feeds. It’s easy to do, trust me! Thanks friends. The DR is on Atlantic time, 2 hours ahead of central. We’ll depart here at 7:00 am AST and expect it to be a 7 or 8 hour drive. See you in the next blog,