First Orphanage Visit and Tuesday Morning with HORT


Good morning, friends… A few photos of our morning in Haiti.
This is a school/orphanage that we visited this morning that was completely collapsed. The CAT machines were just firing up when we arrived. They were moving rubble from one pile to the next. It would stop after each moved load and a group would come and scavenge through the debris. We saw them pull out a copier and many, many, many little readers (school books). 
The sight was overwhelming. The smell I really don’t have words for.

This is the presidential palace. Hard to believe…

Here’s the reason it’s hard to get legal issues resolved in Haiti. This is the courthouse.

Amidst the rubble, hope. The cross at the Cathedral.
 Thank you for praying for me and for our HORT group today. More soon… jen]]>