Some perspective….

Now imagine our Senate, Treasury….everything where our important papers are and decisions for the country are made. Nearly every Haitian government building looks like this:
Yes, government has its issues. Regardless of any of that, because all was lost in the collapse of these buildings, the people of Haiti have lost their “existence” in the country they live in. Haiti is a deeply spiritual nation. Most of the country is Roman Catholic. Here is their Cathedral…their place of worship….the place young men and women became husbands and wives, where children sat by their parent’s side during church….where they found community:
And now the people who depend on Haiti’s government and who worshiped in the Cathedral have homes that look like this:
It’s definitely not easy to summarize the situation. What I can tell you is that, as my pastor Mike Glenn has said repeatedly, Haiti is not going to be a problem that goes away overnight. It is a marathon. So, if you’ve given your $10 to the cause and think that’s all that’s required of you, I encourage you to pray over that again. If you’ve stopped keeping the people of Haiti in your prayers, I implore you to petition God on their behalf in everything you and your family pray for. And, if you are a church body wanting to put your love and faith into action and compassion, then do not waste a moment. There are vast ways in which you, your family, church, school, office and community can help. If you sit and say you don’t know where to start, I’ll sit there with you and give you possibilities to pray over. Anything is possible. What is not acceptable is saying that nothing you do can make a difference. Every ONE THING you do makes a profound difference. Especially to the orphaned, the abandoned…the displaced and the vulnerable children of Haiti. Children like these precious ones: Pray. Get involved. Advocate. Give. Check out HORT at or Sweet Sleep at Do something. Today. See you in the next blog,