A Different Haiti

 This is the view from my window this morning. I can hear sweet children singing….

So it is today. However, the Haiti we minister to in 2010 is a different place than it was just two months ago. Over the last year and a half Sweet Sleep has been praying for and working with partners in order to lay an effective infrastructure for our ministry here. God has opened doors and in the weeks since the quake, has shown more and more of the plan He has for us here.

One of our partners is The Global Orphan Project. I’ve been blessed by everything we have experienced with them. Sweet Sleep’s first container drive was for 2,000 orphaned and displaced children being cared for by Global Orphan. Within the hour Sweet Sleep’s first team of volunteers from Brentwood Baptist Church will arrive….delighting hundreds of little ones who I’m been watching peer around the corner each time a car honks at the gate. God is going to smile this week as His children are loved. We are blessed to glorify God this way. Sweet Sleep will provide beds and bedding and Bibles to thousands more children in Haiti. Next week we will provide bunks, bedding and Bibles to an orphan home being rebuilt by Global Orphan. Much more will come on that. For now, pray for our team to be intentional with these traumatized children. Pray for God to use us to bring peace to their hearts. Pray for our ministry here. Pray for your own involvement. And, pray for God to direct your own involvement in our work here. We’re blessed to minister with you. Know you are with me as I touch the sweet faces and hold the hands of each precious child. See you in the next blog,
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