Some Photos from Our Work in Haiti

Just wanted to send a few more pictures from our Brentwood Baptist/Sweet Sleep Team in Haiti! 
Here is our team – you’ll see many of them had their hair braided by kiddos. 🙂

Here’s Keeli in the process… Being called to go on a mission trip means oh, so many things. 
You must be brave and let kids do crazy things to your hair. 

Here I am with Gary Howard painting a room that little kiddos are moving into tomorrow! So Great! 
(I’m covering my eye that’s been bitten by so many skeeters it looks super scary!)

Here’s a sweet little boy that asked me to help him make his necklace.

This little guy was so thirsty! He drained that bottle in nothin’ flat.
Thank you for continuing to pray for our team! It’s been an incredible time spent with these sweet kids at the Global Orphan Project. More soon. 
See you in the next blog,