just a week from today…

A week from this very moment and I’ll be standing inside the Nashville airport waiting for my plane to Haiti where I’ll be taking my new friends, Brian Petak of Fellowship Bible Church and Caryn Shapiro, their volunteer Haiti coordinator, to discover what ways God has in store for their congregation to minister to orphans. Love that. Two week from tomorrow I’ll be back at the Nashville airport, this time with a team from Brentwood Baptist and Kairos who’ll be ministering to orphans at one of the orphanages we’re working with there. It’s going to be a great time, so plan to check in to read our blogs. Right now though you have a chance to help. And we need you to act. We’re collecting twin sized sheets, new or nearly new, to take down there. Sheets can be pretty much anything but flannel…I think flannel sheets in Haiti is as close to purgatory as one would ever want to get! So, we’re making this easy for you with the help of our friends at the YMCA. You can drop off your new or nearly new twin size sheets anytime this week (before Sunday) at the YMCA on Concord Road during their regular hours. You can also bring them by our office. Both groups will be bringing down sheets for the thousands of beds Sweet Sleep is giving to the precious little children in the months to come. Our linen resource was heavily damaged in teh quake or otherwise we would continue to resource the Haitian community—as Sweet Sleep believes in doing in every community we minister in around the world. So, tell your friends, clean out your closets, get your dorm involved as you pack up for summer… this on your Twitter or Facebook! Hit up your local Targets and Walmarts!! The kids need your sheets! Thanks friends! See you in the next blog,