Jesus Was Be Here

I am on my second journey with Sweet Sleep in Haiti. I don’t know why I thought I would be more prepared this time around. As I packed for the trip I even thought how much easier that process was this time because I knew what I needed and what to expect based on the last visit. But I was scared…I am scared, admittedly…of what God is showing me through this time. One of the very first things we saw on this trip as we drove the streets was a “tap-tap” (a Haitian version of a taxi or trolley) with an interesting message on it. They are very brightly painted with words all over them, and in English it proudly proclaimed “Jesus was be here.” We laughed and got a kick out of it – the same way these adorable Haitian children laugh at me when I totally botch their language in an attempt to communicate with them. We may not have all the words right, but there’s always an important message underneath. That tap-tap now reminds me that Jesus was here, is here, and will be here always. However, that’s too long to paint on a tap-tap, so “Jesus was be here” pretty much covers it. God is continually teaching me to totally trust and turn things over to Him completely. That’s crazy to me. I don’t mean that irreverantly, because I know that’s what I am supposed to do. I just don’t feel comfortable with anything that involves me letting go of my plans or not having some sort of say in the process. During team time last night, I shared Psalm 46:10 with the group – “Be still and know that I am God.” And today the verse from Jeremiah 29:11 was brought up a couple times by group members, which reminded me that God has plans for us to grow and prosper – not to be harmed! These verses and that brilliant tap-tap message reminds me that God is here and has it covered. And speaking of His “covering” of us and all things…we will be taking Sweet Sleep beds to a new orphanage tomorrow. This particular orphanage is special to me because it houses 3 very special boys who have stolen my heart. I am so excited to be part of a team and ministry who will supply them with a new bed, sheets, and a bible. We will have the opportunity to share God’s love and give them a physical reminder of the rest, comfort, and covering that love brings. Thank you for praying and supporting our team and these incredible children. Jesus was be here,