His Plan

We are home from Haiti! Our last day yesterday reminded us that even though this particular journey is ending, we have a responsibility to take what God has shown us through this time and continue the journey at home…to continue to love and pray for these children and the people of Haiti and the plan God has for them. This was evident in the sweet time we shared with Rogelin (pictured with our team) just before we left. Our last team in February had the privilege of meeting Rogelin, so it was a joy to see him again and for this team to meet him as well. Here’s a little background on his story… During the earthquake Rogelin was out taking care of an errand for his father, and when he returned home he found his house destroyed with his parents inside. Grief-stricken and alone, he was found by the Global Orphan Project (GOP) and brought to the Orphan Transitional Village (OTV) where we stayed. HIs story was recently featured on 60 Minutes as part of GOP’s piece about their work with orphans, specifically in Haiti. Rogelin is 15 years old and currently unable to attend school, but he shared with us his high hopes of continuing his education and one day becoming a doctor. When I asked him what kind of doctor, he excitedly responded, “for children!” Our team bonded with Rogelin immediately. He has such a servant’s heart, as he was always by our side when we needed a translator to speak to the other children or just a helping hand with a project. His smile and joy are contagious. After one of our team times one night, he happened to join us at the end when I was closing us in prayer. I was crying, so when the prayer ended, he walked over and hugged me so tight. He was a sweet reminder of God’s love and how we all share each other’s pain. It was amazing how he responded to us and our needs considering how much he must be burdened himself through the tragic loss of his parents only months ago. Before we departed for home, Rogelin asked us if our whole team would pray with him before we left. It was an honor to surround this amazing young man, lay our hands on him, and pray over his life and God’s plan for it. We took this picture with him and printed him a copy to keep. Jen also gave him a Bible, wrote all our names in it, and signed it with Jeremiah 29:11 to remind him that Jesus has a very specific plan and purpose for his life. Praise God that the trials this incredible boy has been through can and will be used for the glory of God. He has a plan for Rogelin…and all of us!]]>