The Journey Begins….

Whitehouse, Texas effort to Moldova…It’s hard to really describe the state of mind I’m in right now…things are kind of crazy at work with it being the end of school year so I don’t know if everything has really sunk in yet (about the eminent approach of our departure to Moldova)…my son graduates tomorrow…my best friend from high school gets married (finally) on Saturday…and our team heads to Moldova on Sunday….Needless to say, my thoughts are a bit scattered….Where did I put my toothpaste?? The one thing I can say at this point however is how amazed I’ve been at God’s provision and direction for this undertaking. He has been faithful through this entire process of preparation and I am soooo excited about the potential of this team and this opportunity. I read earlier this week in my Experiencing God workbook how “…our world is not seeing God because we are not attempting anything that only God can do.” It is my prayer that each of us on this journey believes with God-sized faith that He can accomplish whatever it is He desires. If we trust and believe He can do anything, God-sized results will be seen during our time with these precious kids. I’m sitting on my suitcase now….found the toothpaste…….ughhhhhh…there….Now to weigh it….65lbs??? I guess I’m not taking the DISH TV after all….I’ll blog again once we are in Moldova!! God Bless!]]>