unu, doi, trei, patru

and left, right, left, kick……that was the sound of some of our team including me…yes me…teaching Texas line dancing to a group of Moldovan children today…YeeHaw!! What a great time we had today…building beds….interacting with the kids…just having fun with them and through that process hopefully showing them a God of love. We all feel very encouraged by the positive reception we received today. The kids were sponges, soaking up everything we threw at them…in fact I thinking soaking was part of the day…something about water guns in the sala de sport (that’s Romanian for gym). Seriously….(not a word that really fits this team)….we’re having a remarkable time…We’re tired, but refreshed in spirit. The music team is especially excited about teaching the kids an American song tomorrow translated into Romanian….we are sure we’re going to get some laughs out of this one…that is the kids laughing at us and our terrible effort at speaking Romanian. Stay with us…there’s plenty more to come.