Debra blogging on Tony's account

    Well after more than 26 hrs. of fly time we landed in Moldova. Everyone has been great! We have some funny tales to tell you all. In going through the airport security we had two pulled aside but God was there taking care of us.  We have all laughed and grown closer as a team. We worked on Bible School supplies, crafts and every thing these kids would need to know about God and His love for them. Our 1st lesson was God is with us! Moses was chosen as our example. Moses tried not to do what God wanted him to do at first but like us as a people finding any excuse we can to not do God’s will. May we all find what God has for each of us to do to bring honor and glory to Him. The boys and girls in the orphanage came and helped build their beds with us. They were so eager and thankful. Tuesday we were able to get 38 beds built and set up in their rooms. Even though we have a difference in language smiles and hugs are universal. In the afternoon we went into Bible School mode. A Western theme was chosen. Imagine that. The kids loved it. We will be working on the beds again on Wednesday morning with more  Bible School in the afternoon. We’re planning a big party for them on our last day to finish with a BANG!
There is a young boy that has been so sweet by giving me flowers everyday. He goes and picks flowers from anywhere he can find them. In English his name is Author. He is one of the children that will have to leave when his test is finished within the next week. Please pray for him and us in all we do here to share God with these children. Thank you for all your cards and prayers.                                          The Lord is my Rock
The God who can  always be counted on. His purposes and plans remain firm through out history. Ps.114-12; 7-10 To my husband and family I love you.
                                                                God Bless,