Shad's blog

AMAZING…… God is definitely at work here. We are seeing awesome things at the orphanage, and hearing about other things happening in the city. Victor “the man hosting us in his home” is an awesome christian. He is constantly hosting mission groups in his home. He also has some great ideas about spreading the Gospel in the city.
There is another young man staying here for an open ended stay. His name is Nathan and he is a great inspiration. He is here studying the language and helping Victor spread the gospel.
Our translators are unbelievable, they are all young guys and girls that have a great grasp of our language. They also have a great heart for Jesus. They are allot of fun and a fabulous help.
As for our team….. no doubt brought together by God for this trip. Everybody on the team has special and unique talents and gifts. Go figure…. that’s the way the body of Christ works. I cant imagine that we could have had a better team.
Now for me, were do I start. I am so far out of my comfort zone sometimes I feel overwhelmed then I realize that I am just inadequate and that I must relie on God for everything. I was afraid to fly, a very picky eater, and don’t no any Romanian. God has blessed us with safe travel, really good food, and awesome translators. I have been extremely humbled by this whole experience. I have built beds, taught recreation at VBS, and built relationships that will last forever. I have been BLESSED.
Through teaching recreation we (myself, Paul King,and Sheila Richardson) have been able to teach the kids through games about Jesus. We have taught them how to focus on Christ and how Christ focuses on them by hearing their prayers. we also taught them how we are all uniquely created to be a part of the body of Christ. in the next few days we will present them the Resurrection story and how to accept Christ. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to do his work. Psalm 47:2