We're in Moldova, Eh?

The sight of the old beds in the hallways is both heartbreaking and exciting. Heartbreaking to realize that these kids have been sleeping on mattresses with stains, exposed stuffing and springs, and some only 2″ thick. Exciting because now they don’t have to! 15 people plus translators and kids makes for quick work putting beds together, so we finished the rest of the beds this morning, for a grand total of 50.
This afternoon was our second day of VBS, and we in the cafeteria had set the bar pretty high yesterday with the candy rendition of Moses crossing the Red Sea at snack time. Moses and the Israelites were played by Sour Patch kids. One of the many memorable events of that afternoon was when one of the kids declared, “I’m eating Moses!” The only thing about snack time is that it doesn’t take very long. Even when you turn snack into pseudo craft time (as in, Moses, Red Sea, fish…). And when you have 25 minutes to fill, you get a little creative. Or crazy. Depends on your point of view. We discovered that the “Chicken Dance” is a universal language. And today we found out what quick learners these kids are when we taught them the Macarena. Moldova will never be the same! I’m not sure if they have more fun dancing or laughing at us, but I think we’ve secured the title of “Best Snack Time Ever”. Oh, and we made slingshots out of fruit roll-ups and skittles. And they requested the Chicken Dance again. And we had so much fun dancing, eating, and slinging Skittles and are looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow! This post brought to you by the Chicken Dance Team. Otherwise known as the absolutely awesome snack team: Dan, Kelsey, and Carolyn.]]>