Jesus loves the little children

God sees them as valuable and loves them with an indescribable love. I loved seeing the kids’ faces light up at the sight of a banana, and they just devoured those things with all that was in them. These kids love with abandon, and don’t care what anyone thinks. They are free from the hang-ups and insecurities that most of us struggle with, and it gives me a glimpse of the life that God truly intended for us – living and loving life and being grateful for simple things like bananas and yogurt and hugs. Today was our final day in Ivancea. Again with the emotions! Because of the big party we’d planned for the afternoon, snack time was taken over by craft time, and the kids made picture frames. We’d taken pictures of each kid, as well as their groups, and printed them off for their picture frames. Seeing the kids’ faces light up and hearing their giggles when they saw their pictures was yet another highlight of such a memorable trip. I love their smiles. And do they ever love the chicken dance. We even finally broke through the Cafeteria ladies’ Eastern European reserve and caught them chicken dancing! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw! And, I’ve been deemed an honorary Texan! I have yet to use “y’all” subconsciously in a sentence, but I’ve been practicing. When Texas secedes from the US, I’ve been invited to immigrate to the country of Texas. My stipulation was that the snakes stay in the US. I’m still waiting for the invitation to join the country of Tennessee. OK, it’s time to sign off. It’s really hard to concentrate when you’re being told you could offer yourself as a “mail-order bride” to a Moldovan policeman so that we have enough people to go bowling tomorrow night. There has to be another way.]]>