What's next…..???

This phrase has at times been a joke amongst our team while here in Moldova. Mostly directed to our leader, Dan; We would ask “What’s next, Dan!” Which was usually met with one of his signature looks…But now as our time comes to a close this phrase takes on a completely different meaning…Now that we’ve come here; now that we’ve done what we felt we were called to do; what comes next for each of us? Do we go back to our lives and continue to carry on unaffected; do we forget the images that were planted in our minds as we interacted with and were impacted by these amazing children at Ivancea and Orhei? I can’t speak for the team per se, but getting to know them the way I have these last several days, I think I can be pretty confident in saying “No!” None of us will ever be able to just go back to our lives and not be reminded daily of the children who have changed all of our lives. None of us can stop here. Just because this mission is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that our mission to go and tell others has ended. Thanks to Shad for reminding us all of that tonight during our devotional time. What an amazing time we had around the dinner table tonight in the home of our gracious and sweet hosts, Victor and Valentina, sharing what we had come to learn and love about our team this week.
Our final day with the kids today at Ivancea was truly awesome….We sang and danced, we played with them on the grounds of the school…and we partied with them in a special time at the end of the day. Quite a few tears were shed, many memories were made, and we believe lives were changed…and not just ours. God Bless the children in Ivancea and Orhei and God bless this team that has given so willingly this week.

What’s next….? I’ve been thinking all day…”The next time….we can do this….and this…” Next time? Yes, God is already dealing with me that there will be a “next time”. I don’t know that it will be here… or that it will be with Sweet Sleep…but I know that there will be a next time.

As you read this and look at these pictures from today….Ask God, “What do you need me to join you in God?; Where do you need ME to go?….What’s next?”