finally, we are here!

Me and my new friend Waswa.

i kept asking myself yesterday “where did this day begin and has it ended yet?” what a long trip to get here to kampala! FINALLY we started to see land get closer and closer and felt the plane start to descend. Thank you Lord! We went to baggage claim. All of our team’s luggage made it except for the 4 from Indiana. They have such a great attitude. We have all offered different items but they followed advice and at least had an extra outfit in their carry on bag. We gathered our stuff and got on the bus and headed to this “bed and breakfast” type place that is our home for the week. The people here are extraordinarily nice. We settled in and had lunch then headed to blessed hope orphanage. We had no idea what to expect. The bus ride is an hour and 10 minutes one way…on bumpy and windy roads and our driver is not scared of anything. he is the master of his universe on that road. I was thinking much like last night “get me to the orphanage” and sooner than later please. We finally see a sign for Blessed Hope Champions Academy and turn off the main road. This bumpy, bumpy road was lined with banana trees. I kept thinking where are the kids? All I see are these trees…and a rooster here and there. One of the team members said “I hear music” but it was really the sounds of 202 very happy little Ugandan children. We finally pull up to where they can see us and let me tell you, after we turn the corner to head into that sweet place they start running and I mean running towards the bus. Happy little faces just so excited and we felt already loved unconditionally. They were just waiting for us to get off the bus and they all stuck their little hands out just wanting to touch us. We were led to their shelter where they worship. We were then treated to their singing. Videos will follow. They sang to us accompanied by drums and danced and worshipped. As one team member said, “we had church”. We then took a tour of the campus…saw their minimal classrooms and their dirty mats on the floor. When the director announced we were there to make beds for them they all cheered. What reward! I connected with several little ones in particular (justin, maria, esther and barbara) as the Emily (jackie and shamil) and Abigail (robert, nora, vivian)! This is such a treat and an honor to experience this with them! I know the rest of my girls would be so moved as well. i have a little piece of all of you here with me. Thank you for praying for us!]]>