Overwhelming Joy

Kids gathering to see pictures I’ve taken of them. Beautiful.

It is so hard to put our experiences here into words. I am so often speechless just taking everything in. Today was an incredible day filled with hard work, sweat and tears…of joy. We accomplished so much in so little time building, moving, covering 200 beds with sheets, blankets and mosquito nets. We made beautiful, colorful tissue paper flowers with the children sitting in the shade under the trees. We sang and sang and sang some more. We worshipped together and sang some more. These children LOVE to sing. And yet, despite the fact that we have a plan going into everyday and activities and games to fill our time together, I see the most joy in these kids faces when someone is simply holding their hand and sitting quietly with them. I am grateful to have had one of these experiences today with 2 little girls named Maria and Jovia. I had been talking with them and getting to know them a little while they sat on either side of me holding my hands and stroking my arms. Maria began whispering with her friend and then looked up at me and said “we want you to pray with us.” I asked her to clarify what she had asked as I am not always certain I understand their accents clearly. She repeated herself clear as day. I was so impressed that these young girls of 8 or 9 years of age would ask a stranger such a request and then I was overcome with the emotion of just knowing that God was there in that moment. I had the privilege of sitting there on the grass with these 2 girls holding my hands and leaning over my lap to pray for their health, their relationship with Christ, their futures, their sleep and at their request “wisdom.” I am so humbled every minute by these children. Their love for each other, their love for Christ, their joy and their gratitude are overwhelming. It makes me thank God every day that I am here for this opportunity and challenges me to become a better wife, mother to my 2 girls, and friend myself. Audra]]>