Stuart hands out Bibles to the kids.

Kids admiring their beautiful new Bibles!

A young boy writing his name in his Bible.

This one couldn’t wait! He had to sit right down and read his Bible.

Kids sharing with each other what they’re discovering in the Word!

Showing kids how to read their find things in their Bibles…

Today we got the privilege to give 202 Bibles to the kids at the orphanage. There are no words to describe how they reacted. They were so excited. The team was giving them out and the teachers helped put their names in them and then they all sat down and started looking through the Bibles, page by page. The kids that were 8 years old and younger got a story book Bible and the kids that were older got a real bible. The kids gathered around into different groups and each team member sat down with a group of kids and the group that I got to sit down with had the story book Bibles. So I figured I would start at the beginning with Adam and Eve. One little boy knew the story and was saying whatever came next. It so encouraging to know that they already knew some bible stories. Clearly the teachers have been teaching them God’s word. So I read that story- thinking that they were going to be like my little 1st and 2nd grade Sunday school class and ready to move onto something else- they just sat and looked at me, so I continued onto the next story and then Noah and the Ark and then we skipped over to the woman that touched Jesus’ cloak. It was awesome to see kids so sincerely interested in God’s word. One other thing that I have to tell you all about is the kids singing this amazing song. They sing it with drums and dance around- hopefully someone will download a video of it (if they haven’t already) and you all can see these amazing kids for yourself. The lyrics are very African like so the words do not do it justice, but I’m going to give it a shot. “No more suffering, I no more suffering.” One kid yells ‘Will you beg for food?’ And all the other kids go ‘I will not beg for food!’ Kid yells ‘Will you beg for bread?’ All the others ‘I will not beg for food!’ And then they all sing ‘He is my Daddy Lord!! He is my Daddy Lord!!’ What amazing words coming from these precious children. And they sing it with such heart and the biggest smiles on their faces- it’s beautiful. Thank you all for your prayers. It is obvious to me that you are praying! Much love,
Rachel Robinette]]>