Goodbye Uganda

After the tour we were on our way out of the grounds when we saw a man clapping his hands and monkeys were coming from everywhere. The man gave the monkeys bananas and allowed us to do so as well. The monkeys were hilarious. To be so close to wild animals is not something I will forget. We then ate with Josephina and Patrick at a restaurant in Jinga that had American type food. Afterwards, we shopped a little bit and then got on the bus for the two hour trip back to Kampala.
The six of us had a lot of downtime at the house today without the other team members. We talked about the children at the orphanage and how much we would miss them. I cannot believe this is our last night in Uganda. I cannot express how inspired I am by these children and how great of an experience I have had. I am anxiously awaiting my next journey to Uganda!