Snoring rushes my body….letters from Gulu

Dear Sweet Sleep, I am glad to send to you my congratulations through this letter. I am very happy with you to have helped me with a mattress, Bible and blanket. I never afforded money to buy these things but God helped me through your kindness. Now days I sleep on mattress. Now my snoring rushes on my body. Even though I am an orphan my friends like to come and sleep with me because of my good things. Sweet Sleep may you come again? May God bless you. I am Mornea, primary 6, age 14 years. I’m a fan of orphans. I love them. Maybe because Jesus loved them so much. Maybe just because they’re so vulnerable. Maybe because it’s amazing to be able to bring hope and love into their lives. She asks, “Sweet Sleep may you come again?” Yes. In 32 days. Help us bring a bed to Mornea’s friends. They too can experience what it’s like for snoring to “rush their bodies”. I love that. An entire bed in Gulu is just $50. Give one. Give two. Give just a net for $10. Don’t forget we have a match gift right now. Whatever you give will be doubled. Talk about helping orphans and their friends. Sweetly,