An answer to a quiet prayer and YOU…Letters from Gulu

Dear Sweet Sleep, My name is David. I am 14 years old and am in primary four. I would like to thank you, Sweet Sleep for giving me the mattresses and mostly the Bible. Now days I know more about God than I did before because I read my Bible and after I go for a sleep on my soft mattress. Am very happy this days because I start sleep right when I got on to my bed till morning without feeling any pain. So I again thank God for that special gift which I was not even expecting in my life and not forgetting to pray for you and also the organization called Sweet Sleep. Thank you so much from David. God Bless You. Friends, I’m so incredibly excited to tell you that God has answered the prayers of David and so many others, including myself! Sweet Sleep has just received enough matching funds to double EACH GIFT you make for our current immediate need in northern Uganda. Yes! You read that right! Sweet Sleep has received matching funds for half of the entire remaining need for our unexpected (and amazing) project in Gulu this November! E-V-E-R-Y gift matters, every day, but right now EVERY gift is TWICE as important! A mosquito net is just $8. Now when you provide one net, you actually provide two! An entire bed (mat, mattress, bedding, mosquito net and Bible) is just $50! All week I’ve been sharing letters from children who have already received Sweet Sleep beds and have had their lives changed as a result. These children have gotten beds through our partners, ARC (American Refugee Committee), who estimated they’d resettle no more than 600 children the entire year. more than a thousand children, like David, who never thought they’d have their own bed, net or Bible before have now asked to be resettled. ARC was shocked, Sweet Sleep is praising God and responding as fast as we can! Thank YOU, sweet friends. You are answers to prayers….so, so many prayers. Sweetly,