My bed helps my studies…Letters from Gulu

Dear Sweet Sleep I am Morish and am in primary six. Am very happy with you for supporting me with the following: mattress, Bible, blanket, etc. Since I lost both of my parents in 1992 and never got such an opportunity, all those items is helping me with all of my future studies. Thank you. May God bless you for ever. I am an orphan. Morish What Morish is saying is true…when children have beds their studies improve. Think about yourself as a child or your children now? How did sleep effect your ability to stay awake in school and to do your best? Orphanage directors and pastors in Uganda have shared with me that their children are “sleeping better, so they’re learning better.” They’ve also been able to show us records from the school nurse. After the children receive mosquito nets from Sweet Sleep the number of cases of malaria dramatically decreases. Children sleep soundly from not being “bitten by, swarmed by, attacked by” mosquitoes as they try to sleep. Healthy, rested children attend school every day and are able to absorb all that is being taught. When orphanage director’s medical expenses are reduced there are more resources for food. See, beds are more than something cozy. They’re life saving and help raise a brighter generation.
Be a part of our 40 days of Prayer for Orphans (in conjunction with Christian Alliance for Orphans) which leads up to National Orphan Sunday on November 7, 2010. See the earlier post for today’s guide and stay tuned to this blog for more. Sweetly,
PS. Don’t forget…your gift to provide a bed for an orphan in Gulu next month is now being matched! Give 1 bed and you actually provide 2! and click on “donate”. Make sure to write “Gulu match” in the memo.]]>