Bed Building, Day One

Marni carrying new mattresses into rooms…

As I type this our team is in the midst of putting new Sweet Sleep beds into the bedrooms at the orphanage. It’s quite a flurry of carrying wooden bed components and opening up packages that hold mattress and pillow protectors, new pillows and sheets.
Sasha helping carry some headboard and footboards.
We’ve divided up into groups. Part of the team is working with older boys from the orphanage and Pastor Serghei to drill together side rails and foot and head boards and then screwing down the slats that will hold the mattresses.

Lucia shows a boy how to place the slats.

Others in the group are putting vinyl protectors on the mattresses and lining them in the hallway so that they’ll be ready to go as soon as the beds are assembled. The great “mommas” at the orphanage are very protective of their children. They’re afraid they might cut off a finger while screwing screws into the slats. So, we may or may not have been keeping a vigil at the door and we may or may not have been letting them drill with supervision. And the boys may or may not have been extra smiley today as they claimed their own beds for future “sweet sleep”.
I must go….our first rooms are finished and the children are anxious to come try them out. We’re explaining the purpose of their beds and praying with them. Good stuff. Good, good stuff.
A room full of brand new Sweet Sleep beds!