Boys Will Be Builders

Jim teaching boys to build beds. Love it!

As I type this I’m surrounded by some intense boys who are learning from our team and translators the art of using power tools. Talk about fun! There’s a lot of sounds of trigger happy fingers going crazy on a block of wood and screws finding their super snug place in the wooden slats being secured into the side rails. You can also hear our team make sounds like this, “Woah! Woah!!” and “It’s going in reverse!” But thankfully nobody asking if anything will require stitches. That’s always a good thing.

Our boys Dima, Eddie, Eugen, Andrei, Venya, Andrei and Eugen have become pros and are so proud of their work they’re even being incredibly particular about the way their vinyl covered mattresses and sheets fit onto their beds.

Every time we have the children help build their beds it’s awesome. Just let one of our team members, John, explain it to you, “Building the beds is a chance for us to be blessed as we help them learn something new. And it’s a blessing to the boys because it gives them a chance to build something that will last and help them to dream about a better day.” How can you beat that? Check out all the pictures we’re posting this week and be sure to sign up as a follower of our blog so you can get all the great stories coming from Sweet Sleep’s ministry to orphans. Thanks for your prayers, Jen
P.S. Dima and Eugen say they can’t wait to go to bed!