Wednesday…favorite day :)

Today has been my most favorite day thus far. The sun is shining in Dubasari with no rain or extreme cold weather. We built approximately 30 beds this morning. The teenage boys at the orphanage continue to be involved with the manly tasks of bed building. Since we are not building a massive number of beds, we have lots of opportunities to get to know the children and share God’s love with them.

In one room of young girls, Jen asked the children about their hobbies. One girl said, “Drawing” and when asked more specifically about her favorite things to draw she said, “A house and flowers.” It saddens me to think about this sweet orphan child drawing a house. A house is something I have never been without and take for granted everyday. For these children in Dubasari, a house, a room of their own and a family are not a part of their daily lives.

I am thankful for this life changing experience. I am thankful that in God’s kingdom there are no orphans or even grandchildren…We all have the honor of being true children of God. Please pray for us as we finish bed building tomorrow and then celebrate the children’s birthdays on Friday.