Birthday Wishes

We have arrived back at the “Ritz Carlton” team house in Moldova after throwing a big birthday bash for the sweet children in Trandniestria! What fun it was to celebrate these adorable children and their lives! We served them cake and juice and gave all 150 of them presents! To see their faces light up over such simple things is a reminder of how blessed I truly am! At one point during the celebration, the orphanage director stood up and thanked us for coming and spending time with the kids and providing them beds! She then read some of the letters the kids wrote to us expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the new beds and playing with them! To hear what these kids had to say was such a blessing and another reminder of God’s abundant blessings! While it was difficult to leave the kids, I am comforted in knowing that the Holy Spirit is at work in the orphanage and town.

Leaving the hotel, on the other hand, was not so difficult. Staying in a hotel in which the rooms are bugged was definitely not on my “bucket list”. When we were told that was the case – and when I saw the room… and bathroom – I felt as though I walked back in history at least 50 years. I had no idea what to expect and let’s just say even my most creative imagination could not have come up with this place! Fortunately, a rat chose to room with John and Jim during our stay! Thank you Lord for such wonderful blessings!]]>