Home With Me

It has been a long amazing week. This has been my second time to this orphanage and I’ve had the chance to really get to know some of the kids from last trip better and meet some new ones. The fact that I’ve grown closer to these children made it all the harder to leave this time. Since our work building the beds there is now done It’s a good chance that I will never get so see these children in person again. That breaks my heart. Everyday I had a different list of children that I wish I could bring home with me. And each day the list got longer. They have so little and seem to need so much but I think lots of love would go a long way. Once again I had the opportunity to take plenty of photographs, so I guess I’ll have to bring them home in my heart and look at their photos whenever I want to see them. Here are a few of the beautiful children we have been working with this week.]]>