From Uganda with Love

Hello from Gulu!! My name is Tory I am a sophomore from Lipscomb University. I am so blessed to be in Africa again. We have only been in Africa a short while but God has already been at work. This morning we made the drive from Kampala to Gulu. As soon as we got off the bus, God presented me with a chance to minister and interact with the people of Gulu. While we were unloading the bus three school girls ran up to me and introduced themselves and wanted to shake my hand. I happened to have a puppet handy and was able to play and laugh with them. They were so mesmerized by the puppet because they had never seen one before. I was able to get to know them a little bit. In the short time I got to interact with them they really touched my heart. I am so thankful that God has already blessed me with opportunities to interact with the people here. Later on in the afternoon, we met with ARC who is partnering with Sweet Sleep. ARC talked to us about the kind of work that they do and the people they minister to and help. The people that we are going to be providing beds to are not able to provide for themselves. The people who are left in these displacement camps are the orphaned, elderly, people with special needs and those who have other extreme challenges. ARC helps relocate and resettle the people who are left in the camps. They try to return these people to their original tribes and land from before the war. They said that this is somewhat of difficult adjustment for some of the people in the camps because many of the people were born and raised in the camps and this is the only life that they have known. ARC however provides many programs to help these people get adjusted to their new lives. This week Sweet Sleep is providing these precious people with 700 beds. Tomorrow we are going to provide two regions very close to the Uganda Sudan border with beds. Please continue to pray for the team as we continue to minister to the people of Gulu. Also please pray for people we are going to be meeting this week. Pray for their precious lives and pray that they feel surrounded by God this week and every day. I am looking forward to the many adventures that are still ahead of us and I am so excited to see what God has in store for me and the rest of my team. God bless you all and thank you for all the continued support and prayers. Tory]]>