First Day of Bed Distribution

Knowing what all these children have gone through and have lost and then seeing their excitement in their faces when they got their beds was wonderful! We took a family back to their home after they got their beds and the whole van ride over the grandmothers sang and did their yell. Not sure how to explain the yell but ear piercing. You could totally tell they were so excited. When we arrived at their home/hut they showed us how they slept before the new beds and then we set up their beds and nets they quickly got on them and started looking at their new Bible. I was excited to also give them pillows that my Mission Friends made. I gave them a picture of our children working on the pillows and shared with them that they were made just for them. The smiles on their faces were so big and they said that bed time was not coming fast enough. How many children in the United States can’t wait for bed time! It is 9:30 PM here and I am thinking about those children sleeping for the first time in their new beds! They will have sweet sleep for the first time.
One thing about being here is seeing what a hard life they have, walking miles and miles for water, food, anything. The power outages at the hotel are a huge adjustment for us but for those that we saw today, it’s everyday without power and so many other things. I am very thankful for being able to come here and also very thankful for all that the Lord has blessed me with. There is no need to complain about anything after coming to any other country! Thank you Lord. Tomorrow we head out to do the same and give more children beds! Sweet sleep is coming for more children tomorrow night!
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