Images from the first day..

Just chilling by the roadside
An IDP camp…
Our partner, ARC and their staff and volunteers prepare to speak to the children and caregivers about their beds.
Our mattresses arrive at the first distribution site!!! What a vision!!
In Uganda, malaria now kills more people than HIV/AIDS. As I spoke to the kids I asked them to raise their hands if they’d ever had malaria…
The kids at this site gather for a birthday celebration, complete with a great cake Josephine surprised them with!
Our blankets and Bibles lined up and ready to go!
If the children in Gulu’s IDP camps have no parents, then hopefully they have an elderly grandparent like this. Otherwise the children have to raise themselves alone. However, even in most of those cases the grandparent is too elderly to fully care for the children.
Stuart and Carolyn give bedding to a grandmother caring for her multiple grandchildren.
ARC’s spreadsheet for the first day of distribution
Beginning the walk home…but now with their new Sweet Sleep beds, nets and Bibles!
Some happy kids……a picture’s worth a thousand words though.