A Day In Pictures

Sweet Sleep blankets, Bibles and mattresses lined up for distribution.
Mats are ready to go!
“Afoyo!” Jen translation is: “Somebody come over here and help this lil fella!!”
This little one is all loaded up and ready to go!
Mat, mattress, blanket, mosquito net, Bible….check! All because of you! YOU matter to an orphan! Thank you!
The children have figured out that if they put their goodies on their mattress and then roll it up, they can carry it all home on their heads. Kind of like a big bed twinkie!
I always want to go tuck EVERY orphan on the planet in and pray with them on their new Sweet Sleep beds. Thanks for making EACH and EVERY bed we give to an orphan possible. You matter to Sweet Sleep! Thanks for changing lives with us! Please take time to make a donation of $8 for a net, $10 for a Bible or $50 for everything by going online to and noting “Gulu” in the special comments box or my mailing in your gift to Sweet Sleep, PO Box 40486, Nashville, TN 37204. Thanks friends. Stay tuned! Sweetly,