Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Joy…Hope…Love…Health…Happiness…Protection…Provision… These are just a handful of the words I could use. What would you add? Considering that, just 5 weeks ago, I had NO idea Sweet Sleep would be providing these beds to these precious children, I might also add: Miracle. Sweet Sleep still needs funding for 102 children’s beds for the distribution you’ve been watching this week. An additional 360 beds are needed for children through our other partners. Can you make a gift, right now? Can you call friends and family and ask them to join you? Can you email or facebook a group of people you know? If we join together, we can do this. Please visit to make a gift online. Don’t forget to write “Gulu” in the comments box. If you’d like to mail a gift, please send it to Sweet Sleep, PO Box 40486, Nashville, TN 37204 and please write “Gulu” in the memo line. Thanks friends. We’re all such a great team! Sweetly,