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Mackenzie Jackson Our fabulous team of 10 will be working with about 120 children this week…loving them, leading them in worship, fun times, Bible stories and giving them beds, bedding, mosquito nets and Bibles! There are many children here whose lives were forever changed by last years earthquake. All have been living with trauma as a result. God has provided two counselors on the team who will be able to work with some of the children and educate the caregivers in ways to help the children long-term. A couple weeks ago I received a phone call from a missionary in Haiti who was in tears. She had just been at the orphanage our team will be serving this week. Her heart was broken by the sights and smells of these children not having enough safe, clean places to sleep. She thanked me for the new beds we would provide and said we couldn’t get there soon enough. Our Sweet Sleep beds will indeed be clean, safe and smell good. More importantly, the team will tell the children about how these very beds are reminders to them about God’s love, protection and purpose for them. They will tell each of the 120 children that when they lie down at night and pull their covers up around them, it’s like God giving them a hug. They will share stories with the children about how God lovingly created them and how He desires great things for each of their lives. It’s going to be an incredible week. Thanks so much for the support you’ve shown to the team and to Sweet Sleep. Our team will be blogging stories, pictures and video each day. I encourage you to check back. Or, save yourself a step and “subscribe” to this blog. You’ll receive an email alert as soon as a new post is made. Thanks again! Sweetly,