Day 4

Today was the last day of school for all of the kids in Moldova, and each school celebrates with a “final bell ring” ceremony. Our orphanage was no different, and when we arrived, the outdoor “stage” area was decorated with a few balloons and a sign that I believe read, “Goodbye, graduating students!” (but then again, it was in Romanian, so I’m not sure what it actually said!) The ceremony was very special; there was a lot of songs, a traditional dance, as well as speeches by the director, Sweet Sleep team member Josh, and myself. I really enjoyed it, and I felt almost like a proud parent when the kids who I had quickly bonded with received diplomas and awards.
After the morning ceremony, we started to make beds. I really should say, the kids made the beds! They are so willing to help, and their excitement and appreciation for the beds are evident. After lunch in town, we helped the kids decorate t-shirts and play games outside. They day flew by so quickly, but I find so much joy in the fact that I can see all my new friends tomorrow! Here’s to everyone back home, hope all is well, and to those who helped send our team over here, whether in prayer or financially or in anyway for that matter, a huge thank you! Love, Katie]]>