my life changing event in Moldova

my trip to Moldova has been a blast. Getting on the plane I was just a little afraid of how it would be; this trip is an eye opening expierience. I am getting a chance to see what the Lord wants me to see, and I’m being touched by these little children. at first i guess i never knew what to expect, I guess the thought of me trying to communicate to the children was never close to my mind, but i really am trying to, even though the translators aren’t with be, i still can share my love for them and the Lord’s love for them. i wish there was more i could do for these children and i wish i could truelly communicate with the children, without the translators. I am so happy to see a Sweet Sleep mission at hand, to see how it works, and how i can be that shining light for the children. these children are really touching my heart, especially when they gave us flowers yesterday and told us it was because we are good people. i want to just thank all those who helped sweet sleep get here and do this, the man who God sent to pay my way, sweet sleep, my church, and most importantly my family who gave me the opportunity to go. the lord leads us where we need to be and you just need to follow, this is the one thing that im learning to do. i love the children and the friends who all will stay dear to my heart. I just know God will contine to use sweet sleep this week and the team, and i praise him for this opportnity. please contnue to keep us and the orphange in your prayers. and remember to sleep sweet like these orphanes will for now on.

thankyou all,
Brianna Williams