1,000 beds. 1,000 orphans.

$50,000 by July 15th is the amount it will take to supply 1,000 beds for 1,000 orphans. Team Sweet Sleep will be going to Northern Uganda to fulfill this mission. The team will leave July 15th for a two week mission of supplying beds to the orphans of Uganda! We need YOUR help! In order to for this calling to be fulfilled, financial giving is needed. The original expectation for the trip was 500 beds; but a recent and desperate call came stating that thousands of beds were needed! The team has committed to supplying 1,000 beds for the upcoming trip. A simple donation of $50 supplies a bed, bedding, mat, bible and life saving mosquito net for one orphan! $50 (per orphan) x 1,000 orphans= $50,000 Time is short. Please take a few minutes and go to and make your gift! Please put “Beds for Gulu” in the comment box so the money is allocated for this project. You can also send a check, with “Beds for Gulu” in the memo section to:
Sweet Sleep P.O. Box 40486 Nashville, TN 37204 Money is but an object, but when it comes to the lives of these orphans it is crucial. These orphans deserve a clean bed, a good night’s sleep, and a healthy future! Will you help fulfill this mission and calling of 1,000 beds for 1,000 orphans?